When we are children, life is a vast universe of possibilities. We can do, see, feel and know anything. We spend our existence in a constant state of wonder, asking “why?” and “what if?” and “how?”. Then we grow up, and the universe shrinks. We get stuck in our comfort zones, doing, seeing, and experiencing the ideas, spaces, and people familiar to us. But growth, creativity, and new perspectives do not emerge from the safe confines of the same old same old. In order to evolve, we must constantly seek and question. In order to be truly fulfilled, we must be part of a community that encourages this seeking and questioning.

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Emily Schildt

Emily hails from Maryland and lives in Brooklyn, by way of Memphis and Boston. It is through her travels (39 states, 14 countries and counting) and cherished Solo Date Nights (Thursdays are sacred) that she has developed a deep love for independence, and a deep yearning for community. She is working on putting herself in more uncomfortable settings and foreign territories, because she knows that is where growth happens. She admires Brianne’s enthusiasm and ability to go deeply into almost any topic, serious or silly, and appreciates her affection for dark chocolate, because, well, gimme dat.

Brianne Garcia

Brianne is from the perfectly Midwestern city of St. Louis and now lives in Union Square. She enthusiastically encourages and practices unstructured ventures down rabbit holes. It’s in this “distracted” mental state that some of the best ideas, thoughts and friendships are discovered, though she yearns to find more time to wander with others. She is working on pausing more often, between triumphs, tasks and obstacles, so she can actually experience what it means to be alive. She most appreciates Emily’s ability to get basically anything done, no matter how complicated, and admires her sincerity, independent spirit, and love of food packaging.

Thing of Wonder invites curious individuals from different backgrounds to show up, switch off, and open their minds as we collectively expand our universe. Together, we can start to think differently, ask questions, and connect more deeply with parts of ourselves we may have dismissed or altogether forgotten. Behind our doors, your profession is irrelevant; your mind is everything.

It’s not a work thing.
It’s not a friend thing.
It’s not a date thing.
It’s a wonder thing.
Join, and take a seat at our table.

Have something to share or just wanna say hi?
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